Edision progressive


Hybrid lite LED, a new, sophisticated T2 Full High Definition Digital Terrestrial MPEG4 receiver, with a sophisticated DVB-T2 & DVB-C precision tuner, LED display on its front side and SCART and HDMI output.

Up to Full HD 1080p image resolution, upgraded Media Player, 145mm boat with built-in LED display to display the channel number on the display on the receiver. HDMI and SCART outlets to connect to TV! Through a wireless Internet connection (with optional extras) it provides the following listed applications. It is accompanied by the EDISION guarantee for 5 years!

Some of its advantages:

– Advanced DVB-T2, MPEG4 precision tuner
– LED display on the front
– HDMI and SCART output
– Full HD 1080p resolution for enjoyable viewing of SD and HD MPEG4 terrestrial digital channels
– USB port, for recording and playing your favorite files
– PVR features and upgraded Media Player to play your favorite files
– Supports 3G USB & WiFi USB dongle with Internet connection for YouTube, RSS News, Web TV, Weather Forecast, Google Maps