Teletek Smoke SensoMAG R20


  • Detects temperatures above 58°C or rapid change in temperature for a period of time, class A1/R
  • Digital process algorithm
  • Low profile design
  • LED indication with 360° visibility
  • Sensor status indication on every 8 seconds



Supply voltage U:  9-30 VDC (Nom. 12/24 VDC)
Alarm state current: – base type B24 and B24D: 20mA/12-30V
– base type B24RD: 33mA/12V, 49mA/ 24V, 57mA/30V
– base type B12: 18mA/9V, 29mA/12V, 32mA/15V
Class: A1/R (according to EN 54-5)
Output in alarm state at terminal RI: 20mA (max)/-3.3V
Degree of protection: IP 30
Operational temperature range: -10 / +60°С
Relative humidity resistance: (93 ± 3) % at 40°С