* TIS Wi-Fi Audio Player , include Power supply, 4zone X40 Watt 4-9 ohms amplifier, Streaming Audio from internet, Web Radio, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection , Bluetooth , USB, Mp3 Player, Aux In, Aux out
* Breathe life into your smart hub with this one – Wireless 4-zone amplifier for seamless stream of audio around the room
* Multiply your property’s intelligence – It can go solo or in a 4-zone squad
* This device is an ideal for systems where multiple zones are required
* Various Control Options – Use its outputs to route incoming signals to other devices or use its Bluetooth functionality to connect it to your smartphone, tablet, or computer wirelessly
* Let it become an integrated part of your smart hub – Couple it with your wall switches to play your popular music sources with just a touch
* High UV alert message to your smart phone – This amplifier delivers bass, midrange and treble sound with 40W RMS. Just link it with smart speakers to make your house like a concert hall
* With a durable & solid casework – Designed powerfully for use in smart homes, schools, churches, entertainment venues or commercial buildings to stream Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, Internet Radio, iheartRadio, Napster, etc.