* Energy servant 10 Functions ceiling mount – With PIR motion sensor, Light intensity sensor, Infrared control, 2 digital inputs, 12 volt outputs, 32 logic lines, used for saving energy, AV control security and automation.

* Feel the comfort of a house that’s kept cool – Peace of mind for every parent when you can monitor the temperature and safety of your baby’s room at all times.

* Don’t limit your usage. Let TIS do the saving – We don’t only provide smart technology; we provide savings too. Our smart system can be programmed to recognize when no one is using a room and to automatically turn off the lights and AC in that room. This is one of the best ways to save energy on consumption and cost.

* Say no to theft – Keep your home safe by automatically triggering the alarm system when someone unknown enters.

* Geo-Fencing Technology – Interact through your smart home app designed to make everything efficient and convenient. Your app will set the mode based on your location. It will turn to energy-saving mode while you are away, or you can set your AC to reach your favorite temperature automatically just before you arrive.