Health Sensor

* It detects CO, CO2, and VOC levels, temperature and humidity, movement, brightness level, and noise with 3 digital inputs, 32 lines of logic, and timers. This smart solution incorporates every important health factor to bring you peace of mind.

* Protect your family from CO gas using the TIS Health Sensor. We prevent risks by alerting you to hazardous situations.

* TIS’s Health Sensor is a vital solution for hospitals’ hygiene quality and a supporter of patients’ comfort and safety.

* TIS’s Health Sensor combines the technologies of emergency buttons and nurse call systems with noise and air circulation detection to maintain the air quality in the room and keep the temperature and humidity at the recommended level.

* Monitor your baby’s room as effectively as possible. Our Health Sensor has a built-in microphone with voice detection and alerts you when your little one cries.

* TIS’ Health Sensor brings about a peaceful sleeping experience: It will notify you when the temperature rises in your baby’s room.

* Create a comfortable working environment. The TIS HEALTH SENSOR keeps the office’s indoor air clean and helps to increase the productivity of employees. It can also detect loud noises and help to monitor staff activities during office hours.

* No more mold with the TIS Health Sensor. It maintains the temperature and humidity at precise levels to prevent mold growth.

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